Message for David Elstone and all TLA MEMBERS:

Rob Stanhope and I would like to give you some key factors to help encourage your members to take advantage of the discounted registration rate for your group as a ‘supporting organization’ of the 2016 Steep Slope Logging Conference.

Here are a number of key points that we think will help convince logging contractors:

  1. Each of logger speakers has had a unique journey to arrive at their chosen solutions. They thrive on networking with people of their own kind – your members. Our practical loggers are not so keen to stand up front and be a speaker at this conference as they are to meet loggers like themselves and speak their language of the woods to them. Their experiences are very relevant to TLA MEMBERS as they can each gain something from this individual’s learnings which will possibly help BC loggers avoid some of the pitfalls that came with the prior leanings from FICA members.
  1. Communication between your loggers and key leaders, managers and technical staff is vital in the planning stage. Especially as each forestry region has specific characteristics in both companies, contractors and crews. Only clear objectives from managers to operations teams can ensure they are getting the steep slope equipment into operation in the most efficient way. Our logger speakers have had these practical experiences and can help fast-track the process to a certain extent for your members.
  1. Talking to loggers they can relate to, your members will grasp key factors for selection of the various tethered/traction assist options. Being a new machine type they can also learn what’s involved after the simple purchase of machinery – planning of the harvest areas, safety specification, operator training, safeguards … and finally – the implementation of the operation into both the logger’s crew and forest management company leadership and supervisors. Even the harvest planners need to closely involved with the overall process of steep slope system/machine choice.
  1. Many of our logger speakers have now gone through the operational learning curves that were new to everyone as the four different configurations originally went to work in New Zealand. This is an early networking opportunity for your members to avoid pitfalls that others have learned in practice. It certainly doesn’t mean there are no risks by hearing from their peers from down under – but they can also learn some of the key tricks that can be avoided as both forest managers and contractors come to terms with implementing new systems in your regional forests with each having it’s unique harvesting factors like terrain, soils, weather and slope types.
  1. We are all individuals and your members are sure to find that one of the logger/speakers holds a particular appeal to them with their shared experiences – something that only networking in person can bring. Our logger-speakers thrive on one-on-one interaction. They don’t seek the limelight – that’s not why they have come. They genuinely want to see their peers succeed and avoid unnecessary heartache or financial loss – especially when they engage on some key points and learn from people just like themselves.


To make the most of your association’s discount rate, enter the discount code SupOrg495 when registering.


Warm regards,

John Stulen

Innovatek Ltd – co-organizers of the Steep Slope Logging Conference