20-21 June 2018
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
26-27 June 2018
WoodFlow 2018 is Australasia’s premier technology event providing practical tools, new innovations and key insights to help improve planning, logistics and operations within the wood supply chain.

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21 January 2019

Logging lift from technology


Leading loggers in Canada & USA have been quick to take up new mechanised harvesting machinery for forests on steep slopes. Now a new set of remote operation technologies is set to be unleashed.  Labour and safety gains will result and p...

14 December 2018

Logging in a living technology laboratory


A few years ago, American logger Eric Krume expressed some frustration that technology had not moved quickly enough to adapt to Pacific Northwest conditions and dynamics. A lot has changed since then.  To address this, Eric constantly s...

7 December 2018

Tech revolution imminent in forest harvesting


Globally, technologies are transforming forest management and harvesting. Control innovations for harvesting equipment are removing workers from the ground while improving safety and productivity. A few years ago, innovative logger Dale ...

21 November 2018

Registrations Open!


Hello everyone – We are excited to launch the opening of delegate registrations for our latest logging technology conference coming to Vancouver in March 2019. Our one-day conference is packed with people from across the globe bringing...

28 August 2018

Call for Speakers


The conference team at lnnovatek, Logging & Sawmilling Journal and TimberWest are pleased to announce their newest industry conference for leading loggers and forest managers for 2019. Formerly called the Steep Slope Logging Conference, ...

WoodFlow 2018

20-21 June 2018, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
26-27 June 2018, Rotorua, NEW ZEALAND

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